Power Systems

For prime power, standby power, peak shaving or special applications, our highly dependable generator sets can be counted on to perform consistently to the most demanding standards. Our small single unit to multi engine installations produce many megawatts of power, and are tested to the highest of standards to make sure that the power you need will be there when it is wanted – on demand.
We design, install and commission “from the ground up” gas fuelled power stations. These projects are designed to meet very strict environmental requirement and in some instances, fully financed by us during the construction period.
Our generator sets deliver the power you need, when and where you need it. Not only is Caterpillar the world’s leading manufacturer in gaseous-fuelled generators, but they are designed for long life before overhaul. High strength blocks, large bearing areas, steel-backed copper-bonded aluminum alloy bearings and hardened crankshafts provide built-in durability. We offer generator sets in 60Hz ratings.

  • Proven reliability
  • Outstanding parts availability
  • Cat® SR5 Generator
  • Digital Voltage Regulator
  • Electronic Modular Control Panel
  • Customer Communications Module (simplifies remote operation)