For Worldwide Release: April 2016
Release Number: 218PR16

Announces Accelerated Technology Strategy at bauma 2016, the World’s Largest Construction Equipment Show
MUNICH, Germany – Doug Oberhelman, Chairman and CEO of Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE:  CAT), unveiled “the Age of Smart Iron” today at bauma 2016 – the world’s largest construction industry trade show. “The Age of Smart Iron” describes Caterpillar’s strategy to be the industry leader bringing digital solutions designed to improve productivity, efficiency, safety and profitability for customers.
“Caterpillar is the world’s leading innovator around iron. We’re going to lead innovation in smart iron, too,” Oberhelman said at a news conference.
Together, Caterpillar and Zeppelin Cat have 12,000 square meters of exhibit space at bauma 16. Caterpillar is featuring more than 60 products, a large selection of work tools and a full slate of dealer-delivered support services.
“While we always love to showcase our machines and engines, we’re equally excited about what’s at the center of our exhibit: Caterpillar technology,” said Caterpillar Group President, Rob Charter.“This is not technology for technology’s sake. It is technology that’s focused on solving, and even anticipating, customer problems.  We’re taking the machines, locomotives, engines and parts we’re so well known for and making them smarter, while also equipping the people who operate them with data that makes them more productive, enhances safety and improves sustainability.”

The Power of Collaboration: Tucson’s Microgrid

Described as one piece of a very big puzzle, the Caterpillar Tucson Proving Ground (TPG) is now enjoying the benefits of solar energy. The TPG microgrid commissioned this week is the result of a series of powerful collaborations between two Caterpillar divisions, multiple partners and vendors, one Cat® dealer and dozens of dedicated team members.
The larger puzzle taking shape is Caterpillar’s new microgrid strategy, led by the Electric Power, Marine, Oil & Gas division’s (EPMOG) New Ventures team. The new commercial offering pairs solar energy, with the reliability of Cat gensets and industry-leading energy storage technology. To prove out the offering for our customers, the Product Development & Global Technology (PD&GT) offered up the Proving Ground as an ideal location for the flagship installation of the renewable energy project.